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Testimonial from Margaurite McGrath

"We have had the great pleasure of working with Shalom Art and Sanet. A few months ago, we approached Sanet to assist us in commissioning an artist to paint a very special picture for us. My Mum had lived with us for 5 years before passing away in 2016 and the decision was made to refurbish her room to lift our spirits, yet keep hers alive.

The picture has very special meaning, including extremely special memories of my folks’ house in the Drakensburg, roses and flowers my Mum adored and precious fur babies that have also passed on. Ultimately it was our dancing granddaughter that pulls it all together.

So now, we had this vision, picture, in our heads….but who could pull the painting into life. Sanet was fabulous in answering endless WhatsApp’s and communications regarding this art work and finding the perfect artist for us. Sanet offered advice on a few artists, but then one day she suggested Lienkie Lombard. Immediately that name registered! I have a painting bought in 2005 in my study by Lienkie. And I love it!!

So, the decision was made and Sanet became the link between client and artist. From the get go we received a sketch from Lienkie, making sure we were all on the same page, Lienkie making some excellent calls on sizing and spacing. We were definitely in sync. During the artistic process, we were constantly kept in the loop and saw our painting evolve with regular updates from Sanet.

At last the final WhatsApp came through for approval and it was a resounding YES. Sanet then took charge of all the necessary requirements to get the artwork from Lienkie to us. In a day!!

Lienkie was the perfect choice as artist. She captured the essence of our granddaughter, the facial expressions and colourings of our dogs, (we were amazed at how clearly identifiable each of the puppies are) the magnificent home and gardens to perfection. I have never felt so moved or emotional and cried very happy tears when we placed the painting, a true work of love, above the bed in the renovated bedroom.

A huge thank you to Sanet and Shalom Art for walking hand and hand with us and assisting us, along with an extremely talented artist Lienkie Lombard, in fulfilling and producing a priceless work of art for our family to love and enjoy for years to come."

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Full framing services and worldwide shipping can gladly be arranged at an additional fee. Don't hesitate to contact us should you have any queries regarding our artists, products, framing or shipping.

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